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Equipment Procurement

Equipment Procurement At Dewdropsignatures Limited we help companies procure different types equipment in a wide range of industries ranging from Oil and gas, Power generation, to Telecoms, Construction and Building etc… We are equipment solutions experts. Our product and equipment experts can match the right solution to even the most exacting requirements. Our capabilities are unmatched which means we can meet even the most challenging equipment or service requirements.

Bring us yours

. We are subject matter experts. we help our customers research and develop specialized, custom equipment solutions. We utilize our internal technical expertise and robust external partner network to design systems and the source the required equipment to meet our customers needs.

Equipment Maintenance

Do you listen when your equipment speaks to you…….

Do you hear your motors complaining of overload………

Do you hear your power generator groaning from poor quality lubricants….

If you do then, it is a good thing, Cause then you can react to save the machinery right????


Your machinery need not complain the first place………

With our innovative equipment maintenance systems and technologies we are able to prevent your equipment from complaining:

1. Outsource your equipment maintenance to us and we would help you:

2. Defer Capital Expenditure by optmising existing asset performance and asset life

3. Save Cost by eliminating hidden waste in maintenance by the use of proper planning and scheduling

Then you can pay attention to your core competence; on things that generate revenue while we take care of the rest for you.

Facility Management

Dewdropsignatures Limited is a full fledged, multi services facility management company. We utilize Cutting Edge Technology and Systems and an Empowered Work Force to mange your facilities in the areas of:
  • Cleaning
  • Consumables
  • Energy Management
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Internal Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Security
  • Washroom Services
  • Waste Management
  • Car Park solutions
  • Other Specialist Services


Dewdropsignatures Limited has every resource required to organise all your corporate staff trainings. Our training equipments are state of the art and our instructors leaders in their fields.With our years of training experience, Dewdropsignatures Limited has the capability to train large numbers of staff’s at a go.

We give special preferences and discounts to corporate bodies who want to train on the following courses:
  • Industrial security
  • Chemical handling
  • Environmental management and waste management
  • Transport safety management
  • Fire prevention and prediction course
  • Industrial first aid and CPR
  • Food handling and hygiene
  • Defence driving course/li>


With our wide exposure to business and industry in Nigeria garnered over the years through our engagement with the management of the companies we work for, the presence of our managers and men in the so many firms and the over 50 years of combined personal experiences of our executive management, we at Dewdropsignatures Limited are in a position to offer a wide range of consultancy services. Our special focus is on Manpower Supply and Material Management services.

Manpower supply

In our experience, companies in the extractive, manufacturing and service industries sometime require the mobilisation of a number of individuals with skills that are not in the core business areas of these firms. The access to numerous qualified professionals all at one point in time does not always come easy.

We at Dewdropsignatures Limited understand this challenge and are able to deliver the manpower required in the shortest possible time. We have experience in addressing an increasing need to improve Recruitment & Administration Services, Manpower Supply (Professionals, semi & skilled labour).

Our recruitment and main line of business in this area is to provide specialised categories of manpower for our Client’s. We can provide you with turnkey solutions for your specific needs. As an outsourcing partner, we manage the manpower logistics and payroll. Our database of qualified and experienced manpower covers all major disciplines in Procurement, Engineering, Construction, Installation and Commissioning and facility management.